Rhianna’s Anti gets Release Date: November

We Want Rhianna! We Want Rhianna!

The trailblazing, trendsetting, queen of mystique has her fans at the edge of their seats awaiting the release date of her upcoming (sure to be) masterpiece, Anti. We are getting a little closer to a set-in-stone-date, now hearing: November. We’ll take it!

Israeli artist Roy Nachum’s collaboration with Rhianna on the album’s artwork reveals more than probably any other hints we’ve been given, so far.

A childhood image of Rhianna holding a balloon with a gold crown obstructing her vision suggests that, perhaps, after experiencing so much in the world since her abrupt rise to fame in 2007, the star has headed back to a state of pure, unadulterated inspiration in the creation of her eighth studio album.

Maybe that’s why we’ve been waiting so long; the artist had some undoing to do. Rhianna comments on the album’s theme with a simple yet telling statement: “Sometimes the ones who have sight are the blindest.”

As an artist, Nachum encourages people to touch and interact with the work, believing that human interaction keeps the work alive and breaks the barrier between the viewer and the “sacred object.”

Well, there is no doubt that Rhianna is a sacred object. She shines like diamonds against the backdrop of the music industry, revealing endless angles. We never know which angle we are going to get. Check out the vast difference in the angles she has shone in past creations:

Vulnerable in "Stay," 2013
Rhianna shows vulnerable side in Stay, 2013


Murderous in Bitch Better Have My Money, 2015
Murderous in Bitch Better Have My Money, 2015

I hope that the childhood image of innocence in the artwork for Anti suggest that Rhianna will break down her barriers and give us a glimpse of her vulnerable side once more on Anti.

Stay is my favorite Rhianna song to date; I can’t listen to it without tears springing to my eyes.

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