RnB E-Zine & Lifestyle Catalog’s March/April “NEW VOICES” ISSUE

“NEW VOICES” sets the tone for critics & tastemakers in RnB making this issue a milestone for new artist’s careers. This year’s “NEW VOICES” covers a vast group of individuals that have blown our team away starting with Alus, a singer-songwriter by way of New Jersey that recently signed to Steve Rifkind and Russell Simmons new company ADD52 whose voice that is a mix of pop meets soul. On a different style of RnB we found Sola, an R&B songstress that brings deep, soulful vocals, heartfelt lyrics and eye-catching videos. Anais Aida, who will influence anyone listening to the rhythms of her African heritage, the vocal styling’s of classic and modern soul artist, and the altitude of contemporary R&B is someone we felt added the authenticity of bringing culture to RnB. Kevin Ross, who blends old-school soul music of his parents’ generation with the post-hip-hop cutting edge of today gave us that soulful down-home music we’ve been missing. Last, but not least, Shilpa, the unintentional YouTube sensation who put her own personal stamp on covers such as Rihanna’s – Stay and Katy Perry’s – Dark Horse signature voice melted our hearts and allowed us to re-live songs we love in a different, more personal form.

Songstress Jazmine Sullivan, our 2015 Issue 10 cover story, may not be a “NEW VOICE” for RnB but has come back with a major impact on the music we listen to today. Her new album #REALITYSHOW, has so many, “I can relate to that song” and subjects. A lot of us have missed her voice and have some questions on why? Why now? And is your voice here to stay with RnB?

Supporting our New Voices issue is Jasmine Burke, Hollywood’s next face in town, who talks about how she is worthy for her lead role and Kandace Springs, a young lady that is just breath taking talented in all aspects of music.



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