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America watched as she stepped on the scene competing on P. Diddy’s Making the Band making it into the group Danity Kane. She has since shed those layers and has emerged as a rising solo star. D. Woods checked in with RnB Magazine to give readers the scoop on her second Grammy nomination and more:

RnB Magazine: What was the inspiration behind the concept of the My Favorite Color EP?

D. Woods: It started off as a spoken word piece that I wrote when I was in school. It was just a concept of a story of someone who was in love and their favorite color depended on the mood that they were in.

RnB Magazine: You’re on the Grammy nomination ballot for “2 The Bottom” off of the My Favorite Color EP. What was your reaction when you found out?

D. Woods: This is the second year that I’ve been on the ballot…and I just didn’t really know what to think because you just don’t really want to get your hopes up…I typed my name in and it popped up and I was like “HEYYYY! I’m there!”…Just seeing my name amongst so many other people…it just made me feel really good.

RnB Magazine: How does it feel knowing that you did this on your own independent label, as an EP that you’re giving away in exchange for a Tweet and it’s made its way to a Grammy nomination?

D. Woods: It’s very humbling. I kind of make the comparison…you might’ve been in high school and was given a car…but it’s when you go out and you work those whatever little odd jobs and you saved your money up and you went and looked at the car. Then you had to go back and save some more money…you had to sacrifice…. Then you made that deal with the salesman and you drove off the lot and it’s like Yeah. This is mine.

RnB Magazine: When can we expect to see the next full D. Woods album?

D. Woods: We have the next My Favorite Color EP Volume 2 coming in December and then we have the Volume 3 in 2013. So it’s just how I feel after that.

RnB Magazine: What other projects are you working on?

D. Woods: I’m in a movie that’s available right now…It’s called No More Games. It has a really cool cast…Emmbre Perry…Persia White…Tommy Ford…Ray Lavender…I have the Foolish Dreamer Foundation…and we mentor high school students to follow their dreams…We’re going to have a Thanksgiving fundraiser skate jam! If anyone is in the Atlanta area, we’ll be at the Golden Glide skating rink. I’m also kicking off my “Dance with D. Woods Master Class Series” at the Bloc South Dance 411 Studios…November 19th…I have the “Fine for the Summertime” workout series coming for 2013.

RnB Magazine: Comments posted on your Foolish Dreamer video say fans would like to see more of you and your sister, Shanell, collaborating. When can fans expect that?

D. Woods: Everything comes in due time and we’re working to have the right situation…stay tuned and keep supporting Foolish Dreamer if you want to see more of it.

RnB Magazine: What artists would you like to work with that you haven’t yet?

D. Woods: I’ve been dreaming of a collaboration with Miguel. Actually we spoke about it…so that might happen sooner than we think…I’ve also always wanted to do a collaboration with Andre 3000.

RnB Magazine: What do you try to convey to your fans through your music?

D. Woods: I definitely write my songs from a very headstrong, feminist point of view. I’m not a male basher but I am a boss chick.

RnB Magazine: You’re in the ad campaign for Ludacris’s Conjure Cognac. How did that transpire?

D. Woods: I’ve been loosely affiliated with the crew and I guess they just thought of me and reached out…The Tate brothers collectively were the directors and producers…and they made it a real fun atmosphere.

RnB Magazine: What’s going on in your love life?

D. Woods: Oh booo! Once again you will find the result of my relationship status on Volume 2 of My Favorite Color…I’m definitely in a relationship with my career and my music right now.

RnB Magazine: Is there anything that you want to say to the readers of RnB Magazine?

D. Woods: Follow me on Twitter: @Yagirldwoods, Instagram: Yagirldwoods, Facebook: Yagirldwoods, and also go to my official website: Missdwoods.com…Just join the movement.



Interview by Just Jewel

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