RnB Magazine: Exclusive Interview with Kojo Stone

You’ll be hearing about Kojo Stone very soon. The Brooklyn-based R&B singer is preparing to release his first EP, Ego Trip, on October 27th. We were able to get a hold of him and ask about his inspirations, current projects, and future plans.

Kojo Stone Interview Questions:

1. Could you explain the meaning behind the name of your EP, Ego Trip?

Ego Trip was inspired by a couple of my past relationships, I came to the realization that they were lead by Ego and not love. So focused on things that only matters to our individual selves, we forgot to focus on what mattered to each other as a whole. We forgot to understand, to find compromise, to sacrifice ,to communicate. When you are lead by your ego you have a chip on your shoulder. You place blame with no thought. You tend not to be accountable of your actions. You are always unwilling and unable. So through that, ego trip was created. The music gave me an opportunity to be transparent about my past relationships and find clarity.

It’s my favorite song on the EP, it was the hardest song to complete, so I just went with it.

2. How long did it take you to produce the EP?

I shake my head just thinking about, I knew it wouldn’t be easy but some of the things that happened and slowed us down, will definitely make it to my behind the music documentary, I say all that to say it took about a year and a half to finalize the production of this EP.

3. What was your favorite memory while making Ego Trip?

I don’t have a favorite yet, I been kind of keeping my head down and just doing the work, my last mastering session was probably my favorite moment, knowing I had created and completed something of value, a reflection of myself.

4. What do you enjoy doing more, creating the music in the studio? Or performing for fans and watching them enjoy it?

I find enjoyment in both, but I do love the feeling that comes over me when I am performing. My manager says she can see it, I get in a zone and I become a vessel for the music, a transfer of energy.

5. In your song Prove That, you talk about how you have to continually show this girl that you are all about her, but she doesn’t believe you. Do you think this is a constant problem that you have faced in relationship. If so, why do you think this problem constantly arises?

No I don’t think its a constant problem that I face. It was just one particular relationship where I felt like I had to do the most for her, how do I get you to realize “look I’m here for you” but there would always be a new problem that would surface.

6. What are your artistic influences, old and new?

My main artistic influences are Bob Marley, Al Green, and D’Angelo and Biggie.

7. How did you and your band meet?

I met my bass player “El Diddy” through my manager they have a mutual friend, I met my guitar/sax player “Omari” when I first signed with my manager, she and I had an open mic in Brooklyn for a little while and he would come through and perform. I’ve known “Spuddy Roots” who plays djembe and cajon, for a few years we met in the indie music scene. I met “D” my drummer recently through Omari, it’s a brotherhood, we aren’t together all the time and we all have other things happening but we share a common interest and respect for each others styles.

8. Your music video iRather is very sensual. What was the direction that you wanted to go with the song? Do you usually have a lot of input on the direction for your music videos?

For iRather I wanted to focus on everything I’d rather be doing with my girl then dealing with any drama. So I wanted to show affection, sensuality, and sex. The way it is when we’re in that “honeymoon stage”. Yeah I always have the most input when it come to the creative direction of my video’s, when I write and finish a song usually I have a visual in mind. That good old budget has the final say.

9. How did you feel as you got more views on the music video?

It always feels good when people receive your arts so positively, i’ll leave it at that, another shaking my head moment attached to that as well.

10. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the deaths and injuries that happened in Las Vegas this month. What are your thoughts on the issue?

First my deepest condolences to the families of the victims, it’s tragic! You want to believe that humanity is getting better, but the reality of it isn’t. It weighs on you, so much hatred, this brings up a lot for me but i’ll stop there. However, this is one of the reasons why I want to keep pursuing my art, my passion because I feel that I can bring something as simple as a smile to people’s faces and hearts. We have to continue to put positive energy into the universe.

   May all of the victims rest in peace.

11. When did you start taking music seriously and how did you adjust yourself to be apart of the music industry?

I started taking music seriously about 3 years ago,  the transition has been extremely hectic at times but there’s nothing else I want to be doing. I am learning to appreciate the grind, it can be stressful, I wish I could just focus on the music and being creative but I know all the hard work will pay off in the long run. The music industry is a business and i’m adjusting myself to treat it that way and not let it impact my creativity or my character.

12. Do you have any projects coming up?

I am working on my album currently, and I may release a few singles in between.  No dates yet, but this album will be a masterpiece.

Stream Kojo’s Music Below:

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