Tea Time Anyone: Benefits of Drinking Tea

Growing up I played “tea time” with my cousins and dolls. Drinking tea can be a social habit for many. Tea was something I drunk when I wasn’t feeling well with a cold/ sore throat and stomach issues such as cramps. The soothing and calmness I felt as the tea went down my throat lead to me drinking tea in good health.  I soon discovered there was tea for several medical issues such as digestion, sleep, weight loss, blood pressure, diabetes etc. Although I didn’t realized or consider the benefits of drinking tea as youth, there are many. Studies have proven that some teas may help with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes; encourage weight loss; lower cholesterol; and bring about mental alertness.

Here’s what some studies have found about the potential health benefits of tea.

Black tea


is the tea most people know since you likely grew up dipping tea bags of black tea in your cup (or enjoyed this tea from an iced tea pitcher in the South).   Black teas help maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range,  as well as helping to maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system.

Green tea

 is the most popular type of tea, mainly because it is the beverage of choice in Asia. Some loose green teas are scented with flowers or mixed with fruits to create scented or flavored teas.  Green teas contain healthy antioxidants. They help maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range, are good for skin and teeth, and can be used as part of your diet to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Herbal tea

 does not contain any leaves from the Camellia plant family, so it is sometimes referred to as a tisane. Herbal teas can be broken into three categories: rooibos teas, mate teas, and herbal infusions. Herbal infusions consist of pure herbs, flowers, and fruits. Herbal teas are rich in vitamin C. They can be delicious hot or iced.

Oolong tea

 also known as wu long tea, is full-bodied with a flavorful fragrance and sweet aroma.  Most people commonly recognize oolong tea as the Chinese tea served in Chinese restaurants. Oolong teas can be a healthy part of your weight loss plan.

White tea:

Uncured and un-fermented. One study showed that white tea has the most potent anticancer properties compared to more processed teas.

Peppermint tea

 is a popular choice for an upset stomach. Tea made from this herb unwinds stomach cramps, alleviates gas and promotes digestion by increasing bile production which is an acidic yellow or green fluid produced by the liver, helps fats metabolize in the small intestine. Ody also writes that peppermint tea can be helpful for nausea, migraines and fevers. The vapors from tea made from the fresh leaves can be inhaled to relieve congestion. In addition, many people drink tall glasses of cold peppermint tea during soaring summer temperatures.

Here are just a few benefits of drinking tea. As with all changes, consult your doctor first.

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