The Best Workouts While You Are Pregnant

Exercising while pregnant lessens the chance of gaining too much weight, builds strength and stamina for delivery, promotes a positive outlook (which transmits to your baby) and you will sleep more sound during the night. Before starting any exercises talk with your doctor about what they are comfortable with you doing.  Doctors generally want pregnant patients to be active, but how much exercise they want you to do depends on your pregnancy and any other personal concerns regarding your health.

Stretch, Walk, Swim

Walking, light stretching and swimming are all low impact exercises. You can control how far you push yourself while doing these exercises. It is easy to slow down or stop as needed. Listen to your body. If you are feeling out of breath, tired, dizzy, strained or feeling any discomfort, it is time to stop.

Gym Equipment

Treadmills and exercise bikes are great because you are controlling how fast you going and how hard you are pushing yourself.  Indoor equipment like this is a good investment. You have a gym right at home, and you don’t have to worry about weather conditions before going out, such as extreme heat or wet sidewalks.  Plus once you have the baby your equipment is right there to get back into shape. Treadmills and exercise bikes can easily be adjusted to crank up the intensity and burn off those calories.

Exercise Balls

Once you have past your fourth month most doctors tell you not to lay on your back, but with an exercise ball you can sit upright and still get an abdominal workout.  Strong abdominals are helpful for a healthy delivery. Strong abdominals also lessen back pain.  Exercise balls help soften and open the hip joints and that is a much needed aid for delivery.


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