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Singer, songwriter and producer, Oshea, from Douglasville, Georgia has proven himself to be someone to watch in RnB. His single “You” was a hit in 2015 and caught the attention of Pandora, who not only added the song to their playlist, but they gave Oshea his own Pandora radio station.  With over 550,000 plays on SoundCloud, you can now also check out the “You” video on Vevo, You Tube and MTVU. The MTV Network will be airing the video soon as well. Be sure to follow Oshea as he starts out 2016 with a new project, “Osheanview.”

How long has music played an important part of your life?

Music has always played a very important part in my life- it’s my therapy. I realized in 2008 that I wanted to do music professionally, and so it’s different now because I’m actually creating music that influences myself and others.

I know you write, sing, do video, dance, have rapped, done rnb—when did you know what to zone in on? When did you narrow things down to the exact path you knew you had to take? What did that feel like to have your exact path you wanted to be on figured out?

I go by feeling- I let the beat lead. I was a rapper first and then I taught myself how to sing in 2011. For a while, I was just singing but I decided to start rapping again. I try to be as versatile as possible. I don’t ever want to limit my creativity so I wouldn’t say I have an exact formula.

What did it feel like when you found out Pandora was giving you your own station?

It was the best feeling! I was shocked! A fan contacted me on Twitter and she said that Pandora radio was playing my song “You.” I couldn’t believe it! About a couple of days later I was given my own station on Pandora. It felt like my hard work was starting to pay off.

People compare you to Chris Brown a lot, what do you think of that?

I didn’t like it at first because I feel like I have my own style. At the same time, I am a huge Chris Brown fan and he’s one of the greatest and so I take it as a compliment now.

Who are you most influenced by in music? Who would you love the opportunity to work with?

Chris Brown is the answer to both of those questions. I respect that he isn’t afraid to be himself, isn’t afraid to show his vulnerability, and his music can’t be put in just one category. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to work with him.

What is the RnB scene like coming out of Atlanta area right now, and what about your hometown Douglasville in particular now?

Sometimes Atlanta singers get overlooked because rap is so big in Atlanta, but there are so many talented singers here. Even though it’s a small area Douglasville has a lot of talent too. I put Douglasville on my back and I plan on putting us on the map.

Out of the music you have done so far, which song would you say is the closest to you and why?

That’s a tough one. All my songs mean so much to me, but my single “You” really took me to the next level. XL Eagle, out of Douglasville, produced it. When I recorded it I knew “You” was “the one.”

What can we expect from you in 2016?

There are some big things happening for me this year- so stay tuned (laughs). Being on the cover of RnB Magazine is one of them and I’ll be making more announcements soon.

Valentine’s Day is coming up—any special plans you can share?

I’ll definitely do something special but I’m not really sure yet. I still have time to plan (laughs).

By the way, I could find very little of your personal life online—do you keep your private life private intentionally or are you just really focused only on music right now? Tell our readers three things about you they would be surprised to know.

If anyone wants to know anything about me, listen to my music- it’s an autobiography. I record music all the time and I sing about my real life experiences. People probably don’t know how silly and playful I am. My favorite shows are Martin and The Wayans Bros. People might not know that I also have ambitions to become an actor too.

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