Things You Can Do to Keep the Spice in Your Relationship

Sometimes the novelty of a new relationship can fade becoming a mundane routine. Below are just a few tips to keep things fresh and exciting.

  1. Become Unavailable

Being together for a certain amount of time, keeping tabs on each other can become a regular habit. You learn each other’s schedules and spend majority of your free time together. Keep him guessing sometimes. Disappear for an afternoon without telling him where you’re going or what you’ll be doing. Turn your phone off for a few hours. It will drive him crazy not knowing where you are or whom you’re with. Those few hours apart will stir up an old anticipation that may have faded. Once reunited, and the worry is put to rest, he’ll be relieved to see you and have you back in his arms where he feels you belong.

  1. Take an Impromptu Trip

Scrap the same old routine you’ve fallen into as a couple and head for a spontaneous getaway. No need to go anywhere far, fancy, or expensive. Go wherever your wallets take you. Whether just a weekend road trip to the casino or a five-day cruise, there’s nothing like a change of scenery to break up the day-to-day monotony. The excitement from the spontaneity alone will produce a new electric energy between the two of you.

  1. Write a Love Note

Sounds elementary, but you remember when you were in school and received a note from your boo making you feel special. Bring that back on an adult level. Write your man a note leaving it somewhere you know he has to look in the morning. In it describe all the things you’ve been thinking about doing to him (the more explicit the better) and what you plan to do to him later that night. Keep it short and sweet. He’ll be on edge all day thinking about what’s in store for later, running red lights in anticipation of getting home to you.

  1. Step Out of Character

Through closeness, sometimes couples become predictable. Knowing each other so well, they can finish each other’s sentences. Throw him a curveball and do something you wouldn’t normally do. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, but something simple and something he’ll like. It could be trying a new look, putting on a strip show for him, going to dinner without panties, anything that isn’t the typical you. He’ll be turned on by the surprise and intrigued by seeing this new side of you.

  1. Try Something New Together Regularly

You can avoid relationship staleness by trying a new activity together. Whether bi-weekly or bi-monthly, make it a regular part of your relationship. By doing so, you discover new things about each other. Do activities you both like or alternate, salsa lessons for you and shooting lessons for him. Either way, it gives you both something new to look forward to doing together each time.

– Written by Just Jewel

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