What Went Wrong (Kirk and Rasheeda)

There is said to be a reality television curse for married couples. There have been a lot of couples to appear on reality television and then later divorce. Fans of LHHA are waiting around to see what’s gonna happen with Kirk and Rasheeda. My personal opinion is that Kirk was an absolute jerk this season. To tell your wife to get an abortion, deny paternity, and then cheat is one thing, but to do it for the world to see turns it into a whole nother ballgame. This was the ultimate disrespect. How can you do this to someone that you have been married to for fifteen years? In a recent interview, Kirk admitted that he was wrong and stated that he was trying to get a point across to Rasheeda.
There was a radio interview on V103, where Big Tigger interviewed Mary Jane, one of the women that Kirk allegedly slept with. In the interview, Mary Jane stated that she was aware that Kirk was married, but he said he and his wife were on a break. The accused homewrecker, also stated that she wasn’t thinking about Rasheeda at the time, and even tweeted Hide your husbands, when twitter “came for her.” She stated that she thought the backlash was funny and also tweeted, “It’s all financial.” When asked to clarify by Big Tigger, she said that whoever she deals with, has to pay or give her some type of monetary gift. So she’s saying that Kirk paid to sleep with her?
Whatever the case may be, Kirk and Rasheeda haven’t been on the same page for a while. Just last season, he was upset that she didn’t want a baby, and he did. This makes me question the realness of the show. Talk show host Wendy Williams has also accused the couple of faking marriage trouble for television ratings. Whatever the case may be, Rasheeda and Kirk have been spotted at various events such as the BET awards together, so maybe they are staying together. With Rasheeda due to give birth any day now, let’s hope Kirk has himself together.

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