Working It Out! Couples edition

Want to build a strong and lasting relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Why not start with your muscles. Here are are few exercised you and your partner can do to make your muscles, and relationship stronger.

Passion pass

Stand back-to-back with partner and lower into a squat with knees over ankles and weight on heels (maintain squat throughout). One person holds ball with both hands at chest level; the other person holds hands at chest, ready to receive ball. Twist right as partner twists left, passing or receiving ball (as shown). Switch directions and pass back or receive ball to complete one rep.
  • Works shoulders, back, abs, butt, legs

Palm Pat

Start side by side in push-up position. Lower chest toward ground. Push back to start. Then shift weight to outside arm, keeping it straight, as you turn chest to face partner, balancing on side of outside foot, legs stacked. Give partner a high five (as shown). Return to push-up position; repeat for one set. Switch places for second set.

  • Works shoulders, chest, back, abs, butt

    Partner Plank and Single-Leg Hip Raise

Partner Workout Plans: Building The Perfect Body Together - K and K Couples Workout - Bodybuilding.com

  1. While partner 1 holds a pushup position, partner 2 lies face up and perpendicular on the floor, placing her right calf on partner 1’s back, left knee bent toward her chest.
  2. Partner 2 raises her hips off the ground, pauses, then lowers for one rep. Do all reps, then switch legs. Switch positions after each set. If either partner can’t safely maintain a pushup position to support her partner, then start in a tabletop position (on hands and knees).

partner-plank-hip-raise-a-ex.jpg     partner-plank-hip-raise-a-ex.jpg

Not matter what you and your mate decide to do, keep it fun and sexy! Don’t skip your work out. And as always consult your physician before starting any work out regiment

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