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A Brandy and Daniel Caesar Collaboration Is Reportedly in the Works

According to Instagram, producer Darhyl “DJ” Camper shared exclusive studio moments on Thursday (April 19) with Daniel Caesar & Brandy.

Back in 2015, Camper revealed he and Brandy were working on a five-track EP. “It’s something refreshing. I’m not putting Brandy in the club. You won’t hear Brandy in the strip club or in elements like that,” said Camper. “When you think of Brandy now, think of stadium status or arenas. Think of like the movie 300 with the Romans. It’s going to be big and classic. That’s what I’m having her around this time around. If you think Coldplay is big, watch what Brandy does.”

Daniel Caesar has been incredibly successful this year and their voices together would be pure magic. We really hope this collaboration happens.

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