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Keke Palmer Discusses New Music and Creating Her Own Label

She tells Billboard that she “didn’t really think about how dope” her newest single, “Bossy,” was “going to sound because I recorded very quickly.”

Keke adds, “It’s kind of a raspy song. Once we finished it, I listened and as soon as I heard that, ‘Gucci on my booty/Poppin like a toolie,’ I was like, ‘That’s something crazy, we got to bring that back.'”

Keke has also become the boss of her own label, Big Boss Entertainment. She says that the decision to create it was “about empowering myself” after years of working in the music industry since she was 12 years old.  “Big Boss Entertainment and my label is just another part of me trying something new. I want to empower my peers, so they also feel they’re not a part of the old way of doing things and be a part of the big bosses. Big Boss is about me helping expand and using what I know.”

Her forthcoming album The Boss doesn’t have a release date yet, but hopefully we can expect more solid tracks from Keke soon.

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