Alanna Nickerson Has Found “A Way To Love”

RnB magazine introduces a rising star and soulful singer, “Alanna Nickerson”. As many artists, Alanna has shared her ups and downs but her life took a turn after the death of her husband Roderick “Katdaddy” Nickerson. With the passing of her husband, Alanna gain ambition and was able to release her second album “Way to Love”. She went from singing background to branching out on her own. Alanna is headed to the big league and we wish her much Success. With her strong Faith in GOD, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Who is Alanna Nickerson?   I am that around the way, down to earth kind of girl, whose learned the importance of humility & loyalty.  I represent the power of God, hope & unconditional love.  I wish to inspire others to explore their passions and to find their true calling no matter what their barriers or circumstances might be.  Experiencing the passing of my mother, father, and husband at such a young age has taught me that Joy is a choice.  I thank God for allowing me to see that, so that I can embrace whatever He has for me moving forward.  I live for others to do the same.
Did the death of your husband have an effect on your music? 
  The death of my husband, Roderick “Katdaddy” Nickerson, did have a bittersweet effect on my music.  When he passed we were working on my second album project “Way to Love”.  He was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and on his stronger days he pushed to continue creating music tracks for me.  He really wanted me to complete the project.  After he passed, I was so heartbroken, that I wasn’t sure if I could do it.  But having the project to finish turned out to be excellent therapy for me.  Kat passed in Dec of 2010.  Two months later, on Valentines Day 2011, I finished the vocals to the last track on the album “Welcome”.  I remember clicking the SAVE button and instantly crying my eyes out.  I cried tears of sorrow and joy for it was done, and I had completed it for the both of us, like he knew I could.  He still lives in me, and I’m driven by not only my passion for music, but for Kat’s as well.  Although our time together was unexpectedly short, the gift of his life is in my heart forever.
 What sets you apart from most RnB artists?
If I had to think about it, I would say it would be my all around skill-set as an artist.  I am well versed on stage and off.  I have a good grasp on the business aspects, and I can push a button or two behind the boards, so to speak.  I also enjoy writing for other artists.  My writing sets me apart because I use a simple language that paints a tangible picture. People of all ages can find some way to connect to my songs.  I really like that.
How does it feel to be compared to the legendary artists such as Lauryn Hill and Gladys Knight?
I feel honored to even be thought of in the same vein as such legendary artists.  I can only continue to strive for similar success in being able to touch lives by the multitudes.
In your Bio it states, “Her music tells stories of Love, Pain, Struggle and Personal Triumph”. Are these feelings that you have experienced or just love to write and sing about?
I write from my gut, and I sing from my whole heart. Alot of my songs are from personal experiences, yet others come from the story that the music wants me to tell.  I like to use my imagination, so sometimes it’s cool to write from a persective that I haven’t lived personally.  For example, If I’m writing a love song for a male artist to sing, I try to think of what I’d like to hear a man say to me romantically.
Being a songwriter can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Where and when do you write your best music? I’m most comfortable at home, with my headphones and my notebook.  Just me and the music.  I can relax with it then and enjoy the high of completing a hook that I really believe in, or working out a “hot line”.  I do also enjoy writing in the studio; collaborating with other artists.  The pressure can be challenging, but it’s a different kind of adrenalin rush.  Some of my best work has derived from being pushed in that way.
You sang background for a couple of years; at what did you realize that you wanted to be solo? I had some really neat experiences singing in bands and groups along the way. I always wanted to be solo, but didn’t think I was good enough.  I learned alot while singing background, and as I matured as a woman, and as a performer, I realized that I was capable of doing it on my own.  I became more confident, and really learned to have fun with it and let go.
The soothing sound of your voice relaxes the soul. Is this the approach that you try to take while singing?
Thank you, Patrice for the compliment!  Singing relaxes MY soul!  In the studio, I can build and get the creative juices flowing, so when I’m finished I feel accomplished.  On stage, I can literally fly.  There is no greater feeling to me then to be able to open my mouth and just soar.  Nothing negative lives there.  When I’m through, I am certainly able to relax, so it feels good to think that my audience is able to do the same.
As the New Year approaches, what are your goals or resolutions for next year?   As the new year approaches, I pray for continued faith and healing. I have learned to take life day by day.  We can plan and have goals, but God has the ultimate say.  I will laugh more.  I pray for peace in my valleys. And I pray to be able to continue to grow in this gift of music that God has blessed me with.

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