Basketball Wives Recap: Season 5, Episode 4

BBWS 5 has been drama from the start and last night’s episode was no different. From evelyn meeting with her lawyer to Shaunie and Tami’s friendship dynamics seeming to shift to Suzie letting us into her abusive past and offering good advice to Evelyn?

If you missed last nights show (shame on you) you are in luck. Scroll down for highlights and clip from last night episode.

Evelyn meets with her lawyer

Fans of the show may never have gotten to see Evelyn Lozada say “I do,” but VH1 cameras were rolling when she ended her marriage. The VH1 star met with her divorce lawyer to finalize the terms of her split from Chad.

While tying up some loose ends, she made it known that there was a prenup and it was her idea to have one. Evelyn may have been in love when she married Chad Johnson, but that didn’t mean she lost her mind. The VH1 star revealed that she wanted Chad to sign a pre-nup to protect her assets should they have split up.

Tami threatens Shaunie?

Tami Roman’s still feeling a little sour about Shaunie O’Neal warning Tasha Marbury that they might not get along. It was weighing pretty heavily on her mind when she dropped in on Evelyn for a chance to chat and catch up.

Coming to Shaunie’s defense, Evelyn explained where Shaunie may have been coming from when she prefaced Tami and Tasha’s initial meeting. Evelyn believes that is really counterproductive to Tami’s evolution, stating, “If she’s really trying to leave her past behind, thenshe wouldn’t be talking about such petty sh*t.”

She may have been onto something because when she suggested that everyone sit down to talk out their differences, Tami said she wasn’t afraid to get physical.


Tami comes clean with Tasha
After getting off on a defensive foot, Tami wanted a chance to clear the air with her new co-star Tasha. When the stepped out to grab a bite, she wasted no time confessing that it was her idea to bring up Stephon Marbury’s affair with a chef. Tami also made sure to tell her, though, that she told Suzie Ketcham not to bring it up.
Tasha seemed pretty open to getting to know Tami and really getting to the bottom of any possible dispute they may have. But during their chat, Tami hinted that one of the hidden motivations behind warning her and Tasha against each other. That, she believes, would be drumming some major drama.

Shaunie gets tough
Meanwhile at another restaurant, Evelyn was debriefing Shaunie on her recent visit with Tami. That included her prospective threat to Shaunie that she will throw down if someone gets in her face.
The show creator didn’t appear too worried about Tami’s statment that she would pop someone in the face. In fact, Shaunie began talking a little tough. Although Shaunie has not gotten into any onscreen rumbles like Ms. Roman, she did insinuate that she would give Tami quite a fight.

Suzie reveals past abuse
Much to our surprise, Suzie had a few words of wisdom for Evelyn. Typically not someone that anyone would look to for sage advae, Suzie wanted to share her concerns about Chad with Evelyn.
For Suzie it wasn’t just an objective third party making a comment, she’s speaking from experience. Suzie confessed that she herself had been through an abusive relationship that resulted in her speaking with a lisp and winding up in the emergency room.

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