Exclusive! Review Of Mindless Behavior’s New Album #officialMBmusic

The group we were first introduced to in 2010 with their hit singles “My Girl” and “Mrs. Right” featuring Diggy Simmons are back and with new music, a new album, new members, and on their grown man swag. Princeton, EJ, and Mike might be young, but their music is definitely wise beyond their years. Next week, June 24th to be exact, the world will be able to witness how grown these young men have gotten with their comeback album #officialMBmusic.

Fortunately, fans don’t have to wait that long to get a taste of their latest project. RnB Magazine had the pleasure to listen to their album before the release date and one word to describe it…LIT! FIRE! FLEEKY! Okay, that’s three words, but these three gentleman gave me all sorts of life. The men of Mindless Behavior plan on trending with this album which is why every track is #hashtagged. Yep, they callin’ shots! And they got a reason!

West Coast stand up! The members of Mindless Behavior have linked with Cali’s finest, Problem and Bad Lucc. #iWantdat is that turn up song that has that selected few in the center of the dance floor while a crowd surrounds them with their phones snapchat ready. Their next track #FreaksOnly is a song for the ladies. The mellow, yet up-tempo beat, features Bad Lucc where MB lets us know their only policy is #freaksonly.

#Lamborghini is one of the sexiest tracks on the album, and my favorite might I add. The fellas of MB wants ladies to know how bad they want them. I’m talking about that all over the house, the studio, the #lamborghini kinda love. I’m pretty sure this night of passion was after the club, which is where their next single #Blur comes into play. After being turnt with the ladies in VIP, the next day, their night is a little fuzzy.

“Who do you love?” “Are you for sure” Yes, that’s LL Cool J. MB took us back with a classic. #Mybad is a song about how cray love really can get. MB didn’t mean to break your heart. At least that’s what they said on this track.
Ladies, is he telling you what you want to hear? I suggest you pay close attention to this song particularly for some signs. After you listen to this track, don’t feel too bad. Just grab your heels and keys and go out for some #DanceTherapy. Dance away all his bs. If you lookin’ like a 10, one of the fellas from MB might put on his #11’s. So ladies, I suggest you blend that contour, lay those tracks, and make sure that lip gloss is all the way poppin’.
#Better is another slow, sexy track where MB gloats over this special lady who does everything…better! I guess this all started from her packing that #OverNightBag. This led to team no sleep. Ladies, make sure that overnight bag is equipped with all your personal needs including your work clothes. It’s gonna be a long night.

And if you gotta boo, that’s okay. MB wants to be the #1UCall anyways. This track gives me that Jackson 5 vibe, that groovey, new edition type of feel. Yes, MB wants to be the one you call, but not for just anyone. Where all my good girls at? They see you. Don’t worry. The silicone and fake lashes don’t do nothin’ for them. They know it’s a lot of women out there on the #comeup, but they’re on their toes and very aware. This song brings light to those women who feel they have to look a certain way to get the attention of a man. Nuh uh girl. You’re fine just the way you are.
Ladies, men have feelings too. Just because they aren’t vocal about it, doesn’t mean they don’t care. #SongCry is the epitome of our ex boyfriends who we think didn’t give a damn. The fellas of MB said this that OvO Drake sh*t. This song is to those backstabbing girls who broke their hearts. He’s over you, but just wanted to let you know how he feels. Don’t text no naked pictures thinking he’s coming back. Hey, that’s in their words, not mine! Don’t kill the messenger. The last track on the album #Muzik, is the perfect song to end this album. Why? It pretty much sums up the entire project. We got songs to drink to, dance to, make love to, chill to, and vibe to.

#OfficialMBmusic is THAT album! Make sure you pre-order and be prepared to turn up, be in yo feelings, all while feeling sexy. Follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more info. Don’t forget to check out their website.

By: Simone Grant

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