Is it Ok to Remain Friends With An Ex?

So he/she didn’t appreciate your caring, gentle, dependable, nature when you were together, but once you break up they want to be friends. Is it ok, or possible for you to remain friends with your ex? One may say, we are adults and yes we can be friends, but is it healthy? Especially if you are in a new relationship. This is a person from your past that you were intimate with, that you have history with. Is it realistic to try and move on and build with someone new with an ex still hanging around? Doesn’t that make it easier to sit back and think what if we had worked?
Last season on LHHNY, we saw a lot of back and forth with Joe Budden and his ex Tahiry. Joe even had a new girlfriend, but he reached out to Tahiry time and time again, and each time she came through for him. And guess what he ended up doing? Confessing to his girl that he was still in love with Tahiry. I don’t even think it’s acceptable to be so close with an ex when you are in a relationship. Whatever that ex is doing for you, isn’t that what your current mate should be doing? If a man or woman is confident enough to be ok with you being friends with an ex, that shows maturity on their part, I feel that it may be a recipe for disaster. I don’t need to speak to my exes on a regular basis, or even call them when I have a problem. If I can’t get that from my current mate, he doesn’t need to be my mate. Am I wrong?

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