Meet Siaira Shawn: The Girl Who Makes Music To Touch Your Soul | RnB #14

As an artist, you are supposed to live and breathe your craft. Whether it be singing, dancing, acting, poetry, or whatever, your art should be your baby. Your everything. Your life. There’s no doubt about it-this beautiful soul by the name of Siaira Shawn is passionate about her music. The San Francisco native has been singing since childhood and the grace of her voice speaks wise beyond her years.

1.) Who is Siaira? Hometown? Likes? Dislikes? Favorite movie, song, food?
-I am born and raised in San Francisco. I’m a lover, a Mommy’s girl, an artist, a nerd, aspiring Renaissance woman, a product of and worker for the community, a culture keeper and shaper.

2.) What is your definition of RnB?
-RnB is alchemy, it processes the pain into something greater, something inspiring. It’s innovative, it’s the party, it’s love, it should represent what the people are going through, help them get through it and seek out more.

3.) When did you know music was your calling?
-At a very young age. My mom sings and always played music and she always encouraged my artistic endeavors, exposed me to all kinds of things, just really let me explore. I’ve acted as well, so I’ve always wanted to be an artist; singing being my first love.

4.) What is your favorite song you’ve recorded? Why?
-Hmm I think that changes with time and I’m looking forward to what I’ve yet to record lol But, I recorded a song a while ago, called “Clarity” that was all acapella and I was very proud of how that turned out. Also my song, “Ghost” because I carried the metaphor through the sound of the song and my vocals and it was the catalyst for my e.p.

5.)Who is your dream artist and producer to work with?
-Too many to name, but I would love to work with Thundercat.

6.) In one word, how would you define your style?

7.) What is the best advice someone has ever given you?
-I think Ive gotten this advice in many different ways, but the overall message was to stay true to myself and that who I am is more than good enough.

8.) Where would you be today if you weren’t making music?
– Doing something with youth and community, probably writing. Things I’ve done or do, but those would be the main focus. I’d probably be a writer/teacher or heading a non-profit organization.

9.) If we went through your phone, who would be some artists we would run across?
-I’m streaming a lot too cause I have to fix my iTunes, lol but some are Jazmine Sullivan, Miguel, Emily King, Kendrick Lamar, Kenna, Iman Omari.

10.)Musically speaking, what can we look forward to from Siaira? Any touring plans? Upcoming shows?
– Next is trying to get to the next level; full time artistry! I need a manager and booking. I want to put out merch with a fashion forward point of view, full length album, hopefully tour and collaborate with my partner Alexis on some really cool media ideas she has. Represent, shift, shape the culture, that’s the goal.

Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Visit her website and listen to her music on soundcloud.

Interviewed by: Simone Grant

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