Short Fiction: The Girl Around The Block

Written By: Simone Grant

Have you ever had a friend that you had to sit and think why you were friends with that person, or better yet, how you even became friends with them? I’m sure we’ve all had that friend who made us question our so called “friendship” and if it was even worth the fucking drama and extra bullshit that would soon come our way.

Before I start my rant on bad friends and backstabbing hoes let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Sydney Graham. My friends call me Syd for short…or at least the girls I thought were my friends but ended up stabbing me in the fucking back. I’m sorry I usually don’t curse this much, but I am so fucking mad. Ooops! There I go again. Well fuck it, we’re grown right? Well, some of us. Most of us can’t even keep our peens in our pants and our legs shut, but who am I to judge right? Oh, I like to call penises “peen” by the way. It sounds much more appropriate to use.

Anyways, I’ve been friends with Brittany for twelve years. Twelve long years. We’re twenty one now so that means we’ve been friends since we were nine years old. We’ve been through everything together. First periods-I do mean menstrual period. Clothes. Drunken nights. Shoes. Breakups from boyfriends. Drunken nights. Breakups and getting back together with these boyfriends. Drunken nights. Almost getting arrested because of drunken nights. So when Brittany ended up plunging a knife in my back with her new “bff” (and I did mean to put bff in quotes because this bitch ain’t loyal) Marissa helping her, I knew all that best friend shit went down the drain.
Marissa is the type of chick who your mom, dad, sister, granny-hell whole damn family warned you about. She the type of chick your mom told you to “stay away from, she ain’t nothin’ but trouble.” The type of chick who messes with a guy just because she wants to start fucking his friend. The type of chick who says “I promise I won’t say anything” and the first thing she does once she gets around anyone-and I do mean anyone-who will listen will start spilling the tea on all your business. The type of chick that’ll go to McDonalds for you, order food for the both of you, eat your fries out of the bag and once she gets to you say “girl you know they gettin’ stingy with they fries now,” and take the ones that haven’t been touched. Yeah that type of chick. The triflin’, don’t give a fuck bout nobody type.

Now let’s rewind to the first encounter Britt and I had with this Marissa chick.

So we’re at happy hour down the street from our apartment. Misty’s has the best two for one drinks…not to mention a sexy ass waiter. Anywho, we’re chillen at the bar and here walks a girl with a long brown and gray weave, big ol’ booty, a tube top, and black shorts which were too small for her big ol’ booty.

“Hi,” she says with the biggest, fakest (to me) smile on her face. “That drink looks bomb dot com girl.”

“It is,” Brittany says with a confusing half smile.

“Where are my manners?” she says flinging her weave to the other side of her long ass neck nearly hitting our drinks on the table. “I’m Marissa.”

“Hey Marissa,” I say. “I’m Sydney.”

“I’m Brittany,” Brittany says right after me.

“I hope you guys don’t think I’m a weirdo or something but y’all just looked like some cool ass chicks,” she says lifting her hand up to get the waiter’s attention.

“Thanks girl,” I said. “You here by yourself?”

“Yes but don’t think I’m some sort of loner or somethin’,” she says with a worried look on her face and a slight attitude. “This no good ass dude I decided to give a chance, whose been begging me to go out with him by the way, didn’t show up.”

“Ugh, trifflin’” I say while taking a sip of the blueish drink in my hand.

“Girl,” she responds letting the “L” roll off her tongue. “I ain’t trippen tho.”

“Good you shouldn’t,” I say. “Order yourself a few drinks and sip the thought of him away.”

“Now that’s my type of shit,” she says smiling and laughing.

After a few rounds of drinks, we were drunk out of our minds. Everyone in the restaurant were staring at us because of how loud we were. I don’t know about you but when I get drinks in my system, I get loud. I’m talking bout that loud where you’re in church and spent a night partying so you’re extra tired and you let out a loud snore. Yeah, that loud. We were so loud, the waiters, bartenders, security, and granny sitting next to us had to tell us to quiet down. But we didn’t care. We were happy to be bonding and talkin’ shit at the same time. Every time a chick would walk by with some swapmeet ass outfit or a weave with tracks showing, or a fine ass dude on a date with an ugly ass girl, our day was made. Nothing but laughs!

We spent a good three hours in Misty’s ordering drinks and food. We’ve seen customers come and go as we sit there indulging in the fajitas and happy hour drinks. Brittany and I exchanged numbers with Marissa, but honestly I didn’t think we would ever see or talk to her again. So when she called me the next day asking to hang out… I was like “whaaaaat.” Didn’t think I would ever hear from her again.

“Hey Syd, What’s up girl?” she said in a high pitched voice.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“Nothin’ just chillen seeing what you had going on for the day?” she asked and said at the same time.

“Nothin’ til later on,” I responded.

“What’s going on later?”

“Just hanging out with some friends,” I replied. “Nothing major.”

“Ooooo friends,” she said in an anxious voice. “Sounds like fun.”

“Yeah you should join us girl,” I said. “It’s gonna be turnt up.”

“I’m always down,” she replied. “Text me details.”

We said our goodbyes and as soon as we hung up the phone, she was texting me asking me to send her details. Thirsty? A bit much. But I didn’t care. This was just an extra person to bring something to the turn up. Tonight was going to be turnt. I invited my friend Kory from high school who by the way was friends with the sexy ass waiter at Misty’s. See why I’m excited?

“Who was that on the phone girl?” Brittany said walking in my room.

Oh did I forget to mention Brittany and I lived together. We shared an apartment in a not so great neighborhood, but hey, rent was cheap and it was a place to lay our heads at night.

“That was our new bff Marissa,” I said smiling. “She wants to come to the little party tonight.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Brittany said as she sat down on my bed. “We just met this bitch and now you inviting her out with us, come on Syd.”

“Brit we had such a good time last night,” I said shocked at what I just heard. “What’s the big deal?”

“Well we don’t know her for starters and she might be crazy,” Brittany said rolling her eyes.

“Crazy, for real B,” I said in a sarcastic voice. “We sat and had damn near the whole bar with her and now you callin’ her crazy.”
Brittany gave me this obnoxious stare she always gives when she’s annoyed, confused, or angry as hell. I didn’t care. Marissa was coming to the party and that’s that. Brittany would eventually get over it. Ugh I wish I would have listened to Brittany then. Maybe I would still have her as my best friend. But then again, screw that bitch. She knew what she was doing. Anyways, here I am going off topic again.

“What should I wear?” I asked Brittany who was brushing her long ass weave in my mirror. “Hello!”

“Oh my bad girl,” Brittany said acting startled that I called her name loud. “I’m just in my own little world, but that dress you bought last week is poppin’.”

I went to my closet and pulled out a knee-length green dress. Brittany was right. This dress is off the chain. Once Cashmere sees me in this, he will go cray cray! Cashmere is the waiter from Misty’s. And man he is sexy as hell. Even though he had a girl’s stripper name, that didn’t knock his sexiness. Tall, nice smile, caramel skin, nice lips. Ooooooh! Am I excited to see him?

Check back next Monday to find out how this party turns out!

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