What albums are coming up in 2018?

2018 is within striking distance. But before we welcome the new year, there is something to be said about 2017. The current year has brought multiple albums, singles, and EPs that have left people amazed and entertained. From Taylor Swift to Cardi B, this year left a dent in the music industry. So, it is impossible to think about what other jewels will the upcoming year brings. So far, the slate is packed with big names. However, only a handful of artists have already confirmed their release date. That’s why Cuban-born Camilla Cabello will not be on the list. Her upcoming album has been reported to be released in 2018, but there is no confirmation about it.

2018 Upcoming Albums

Charlie Puth “Voicenotes”

After announcing his new single “How Long,” and releasing it for digital platforms around the world, Charlie Puth decided to surprise his fans with the announcement of his second studio album. The R&B interpreter used its Twitter account to officially announced the release of “Voicenotes.”

The album will count with the smash-hit “Attention,” as well as the promotional single called “How Long.” Sadly, Charlie Puth has not talked about how many songs will contain the album or if there will be a deluxe version. However, it won’t take too long to find out since the release date will be January 19, 2018.

Craig David

The R&B performer returns with a new album, Time is Now, which is scheduled to hit the market on January 26th. It will be his seventh studio album, and it will follow the critically successful Following My Intuition, which was # 1 in the UK and placed 4 in the British singles’ Top 40. The album contains the single, Heartline, which is already available on all platforms and produced by Jonas Blue. “Time is Now” includes collaborations with Bastille, JP Cooper, Kaytranada, and AJ Cooper. So this album is going to burst out of the charts.

Franz Ferdinand

The band whose name resembles the famous Austrian Archduke announced the release of a new album titled “Always Ascending.” The album is scheduled for release on February 9, 2018. And it will be done through Domino. This fifth studio album emerges as a watershed moment in the history of the band. Guitarist and co-founder, Nick McCarthy, left the group in 2016, and after his departure, Julian Corrie (keyboards) and Dino Bardot (guitar) were added as part of a new lineup. That said, Alex Kapranos is confident new and old fans will love Always Ascending. Kapranos describes the sound of the new album as “simultaneously futuristic and naturalistic”.


The Swedish symphonic band metal has revealed the first details of their new album which will be entitled “Beloved Antichrist,” and will be released on January 26, 2018. The band already announced that a European tour would accompany the album. “Beloved Antichrist” will be the new rock opera of the Swedes, and according to European media, it is an ambitious work that will be composed of 3 conceptual albums. Therion is known for their conceptual work, Lemuria and Sirius B were highly acclaimed rock operas. Ergo, it’s not too far-fetched to think this rock opera will please their fans. From the confirmed album releases, this is the most intriguing one. That said, 2018 is still young and bound for more announcements.

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