Who’s Next?! Jazzlyn Little Got Next!

KGM Entertainment founded by Kingsley Gardner presents us with a new sensation by the name of Jazzlyn Little also known as Jazz. Although she’s petite, there is nothing little about this young lady’s personality and singing ability. Jazzlyn hails from Cape Coral Fl, where she enjoys time with family and friends.
Jazzlyn Little was introduced to us at the tender age of 16 on Simon Cowell’s show The X Factor. She won the hearts of millions of people when she sang the rendition of Mary J Bilge song I’m Going Down. Although her time at The X Factor was cut short, Jazz felt it was the right decision. She wanted to prepare herself mentally and physically for the journey ahead.
Now at the fiery age of 19 this sweet, melodic, soulful and lively young lady is ready to reintroduce herself to the world. Jazz felt the more she tried to run away from singing, the more she was being drawn to it. Jazzlyn feels singing can be a major stress release by letting go of bottled up emotions within. Jazz turned her talent into a gift, which she will cherish forever. Her faith in God keeps her motivated daily.
Even though Jazz has a soulful voice to captivate the R&B Charts, she wants to make music All genres can enjoy. Jazzlyn co wrote the song “Serious” with producer Blac Elvis. You can check out Ms. Little at special events, YouTube and social media sites (FB, Twitter, IG). Who’s Next? Jazzlyn Little Got Next!!

By: Yolanda English

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