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Kevin Hart: ‘Black women assume they know your life’

Kevin Hart may lose some fans after comments made about black women. Do you think he is right? Read and tell us what you think.

According to Sister 2 Sister:

Kevin Hart’s got a bone to pick with Black women everywhere: He wants you to stop talking about his life like you know him!

“Black women assume they know your life, that’s the funniest thing about black women,” Kevin toldMadameNoir.com.

“I got into an argument the other day—and it doesn’t matter your race, whether its black  or white but it was a black girl—and the girl was like ‘you’re a piece of s**t. It’s funny you just got divorced and you’ve been with this girl for four years,’” he recalled.

Kevin broke down his romantic timeline, explaining that he didn’t leave his wife for his current girlfriend. In fact, he implied that there was a decent gap of time between the two relationships.

“My divorce took me two-and-a-half years! I’ve been separated for damn near six-and-a-half years! But everybody assumes they know. These things, you laugh at. It’s people’s opinions. You just take ‘em and laugh and say, ‘Oh, you know, you’re right, you know. You’re me.’”

The one person he does not have a problem talking about his life is his ex-wife Torrei Hart, who is very open about their relationship with the media. But there’s a big reason that she can get away with talking about him.

“Here’s the difference. I respect my ex-wife. She’s the mother of my kids, which is why I never bad talk her. Regardless of what she says or what she gives the media, she’s the mother of my kids,” said Kevin. “So, I’ll never talk bad about her.”

At least he respects the mother of his children.

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