Will Making More Money Than Your Man Hurt The Relationship?

Men are supposed to be providers, right? Isn’t that what the bible says? Be it your religion, your upbringing, your culture, etc. most people feel that the man is supposed to be the bread winner and take care of home. Some people feel that you can’t put a price on love, but if we know someone with a non-working man or a man that doesn’t bring home much money, let’s not pretend we don’t give them the side eye. Maybe your man works but you make more money than him? Will the relationship work? Men (most) have an issued with pride and will feel some type of way if their woman is bringing home more money than them. Should the woman apologize? Get a lower paying job, or perhaps not flaunt her earnings? I think it is unrealistic to feel that money doesn’t affect a relationship.

But take Mona Scott Young, the producer of the hit reality show Love and Hip Hop. Her husband stays at home with their two children while she works. Mona’s busy days started when she and Chris Lighty built Violator Records. Young stated that while she was building her business she spent more time there than she did at home. Her husband is the one that cares for the children and holds the family down.


This is a situation that seems to work very well for the two. That just goes to show that some people can be happy not living a traditional life or doing what others think they should do. Communication is the key. Get money issues resolved before the relationship turns serious and maybe it won’t be such a factor later. If you have a job or a talent that brings in more money than your man,  what should you do? Embrace it and find other ways to make him feel like your King.

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