7 Accessories that Will Make Your Look Pop!

For the average woman there a number of accessories that can change your life.


Number one on the list would have to be getting your ears pierced. Reason for that is because every woman has a story behind what kind of earrings they wear. Big hoops, studded, fashionable, feathered or even pearls could mean plenty of things. Some women might not have their ears pierced only to keep the natural look.


Number two, the attention getter is makeup. In today’s time, makeup is what everyone is wearing. Lip stick is really the fashion popper because you can throw on a MAC Red and it can flow and show the style that you are going for.

Nail Polish

Number three. Finger and Toe nail polish could be a huge change in one’s life. I know from personal experience, having your nails and toes with polish would make a big difference in your outfit.


Number four, rings are a big accessory that can change your life. An engagement ring or a promise ring could change a lot of things from your day to day life. Fashionable rings could also show how you are trying to portray your outfit and your inner self.


Number five, this one is heavy in the industry: purses and handbags. It can change your outer appearance by far. A man or woman could tell by what kind of person you are by what kind of handbag you are carrying. Every woman has a purse they like to use when they go out or on a date whether it’s a clutch or satchel.

Head Wraps

Number six, women are really changing the name of hats into head wraps. Now women with natural hair or hair that hasn’t been done can just simply throw on a head wrap and go on throughout their day. It can change your life because it is something that can be put together without you worrying about your hair.


Last but certainly not least, tattoo’s can change your life either way you go. Having your nose pierced or having a facial tattoo could express whatever you trying to get across. I say it’s an accessory because it’s something you have to take care of and live with the rest of your life. It also shows that you are willing to take risk and go out on a limb.

Any accessory could be a part of the change of your life; it’s just how you use it.

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