A March to Freedom

The moment we’ve waited for is almost here. Can you believe that almost 50 years ago blacks were fighting for their right to vote and now today we have a black president? Think about it-In 1960 blacks were segregated, dehumanized, scrutinized and nearly tortured for fighting for what they believed in. As we look back, we can think about countless leaders involved in the reformation of the South. Although most of us weren’t born during these difficult times some of our parents and grandparents were alive to re-tell the horrific and life-changing events that led to the Civil Rights Act.
There are many movies that have been made that tell the story of revolutionary leaders who fought for the freedom and equality for African Americans. Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Dorothy Dandridge, Jackie Robinson, just to name a few, stories have all been told in movies and biopics. We’ve all been wondering when we were going to see a movie on Martin Luther King Jr and his march for equality from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965. Well that time has officially come and we can finally see the struggle King along with his followers endured as they not only marched for equal voting rights, but for a better tomorrow.
The movie officially hits theaters January 9th, but is already being shown in select theaters today. Go see a piece of history today!
By: Simone Grant

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