If singing falsetto was a crime, Usher and Miguel would be under the prison. Both artist have their own distinct sound but when it comes to hitting those high notes only one can take the crown.

Take a listen to Miguels “How many drinks” and Usher’s “Climax” and tell us who you think is the Falsetto King.


Miguel Miguel Miguel.  The “Adorn” singer burst on the scene dominated last years airwaves with hits and remixes with some of today’s hottest hits all the while  frustraaaaaattting us since we can’t get enough of him.

Listen as Miguel hits the right notes (LIVE!)  while offering to buy some lucky lady a drink. And you know she will accept because his falsetto is so impeccable.  Anybody that can hit notes like that might not even need to buy any drinks.


OMG if Usher don’t make my body quiver when he hits those high notes. With a voice like smooth jelly and moves like a slinky anybody will reach a climax when Usher lays the pipe (vocal pipe, get your minds out of the gutter).

Who do you think it the high notes the best?

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