Find Your Own Iconic Beauty Trademark

Some women just stand out and naturally draw attention. Or do they?  Confidence in who you are is key, as well as personality, the energy you give and how you make other people feel.  Another part of it is beauty. Some of it what they were born with, but also what they learned to improve upon, play up or enhance. Another tool is they have found that beauty or fashion trademark that no one can wear quite like them.

Think of Jillian Hervey of Lion Babe, her full wild gold hair has taken on a life of its own and even been known to shake off glitter onto the stage while she is in performance. Billy Holiday took to a classic white gardenia tucked behind one ear.  Janelle Monae’s black and white sharp suited style. Michelle Obama’s toned arms, which was a big deal for a First Lady to show bare arms to certain events, so not only did she break the rule, she opened the door for more freedom in how you dress for future First Lady’s. Tina Turner‘s rock star hair and strong legs.  70’s model Lauren Hutton insisted on not closing up her gap between her teeth and that is exactly what made her career. Isadora Duncan, an American dancer from the turn of the century was known for her scarves, which ironically was what killed her in a car accident as the scarf became entangled, breaking her neck. Tragic, but memorable.

Tips on how to find your own beauty or fashion trademark:

  • In what areas are you most confident? Are you strong-willed and proud? Maybe try a lion’s mane hairstyle. Are you graceful and poised? Try a sleek pulled back chignon.
  • What do people give you complements on? Your sparkly green eyes? Try a little purple eye shadow or liner, the color magnifies and brightens the green. A beautiful smile? Keep your teeth whitened and wear lip balm with sunscreen and nighttime lip moisturizers to keep that smile pretty.
  • What do you like? If you love the look of the old Hollywood starlets, try a bold classic red lipstick. If you like mystery, try sexy sunglasses and a silk scarf tied in your hair.

You get the idea, so try one of these tips, interchange them or create your own! The ideas are endless. What fits for one stage of your life, may not fit for another. That’s the fun and beauty of it, we can always change it again.

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