How Many Times Should You Forgive A Cheater?

You have invested time and given it your all, you are madly in love and your significant other cheats on you, what do you do? If you find out your mate has cheated, the politically correct thing to do is to end the relationship. After all, we all deserve loyalty and how dare our mate cheat? It’s not always that cut and dry or that black and white. Sometimes in addition to cheating,some people are pressured with outside opinions.

Is it ok to just make one mistake and learn from it? How many times is too much to forgive your mate for cheating?

Sometimes instead of going with our heart we worry about what others will say and we use that to make our decision and that is mistake number one.
Let’s take Kirk and Rasheeda Frost for example. They have been together for 17 ½ years and he has reportedly cheated more than once. One of those times has been while she was pregnant. Do you just throw away almost 18 years or do you accept the apology?

Rasheeda and Kirk

Tiger Woods wife, seemed to say no to forgiveness after she found out about Tiger’s infidelity. She reportedly attacked him with a nine iron and filed for divorce.

Tiger woods and Elin Nordegren

Whatever your situation may be, don’t take too much advice from friends or family, go with your heart, because at the end of the day you have to live with your decision.

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