Vyre and RnB Magazine spread the message of love and relationships with new romance movies, specifically the incoming short film ‘Instacouple’. 

‘#InstaCouple’ portrays the average couple we see every day whether it’s on a television show or a couple we know in real life. The couple that lost their spark and rather scroll through social media and be on the phone than spend time with their significant other. We see this at the beginning of the movie with Tuesday and Marcel who are slowly growing apart as Marcel’s obsession with his phone (mainly looking at other women) makes Tuesday feel insecure in the relationship when she realizes Marcel doesn’t give her the attention and time like he used to.

Tuesday sees that she’s not the only one competing with a phone when her friend Kartina has the same problem too. Both women hatch up an idea to communicate with their men and fix their problems by tricking Marcel and Todd to go on a couples retreat. 

While on the retreat, the men realize that their obsession with social media will cost their relationship after hearing their girlfriends open up so they decided to put more effort into loving one another because social media isn’t everything. 

#InstaCouple is available to stream for FREE on RNB Magazine TV. Only available on Vyre Network

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