Kendrick Lamar Opens the BET Awards with a Political Issue

The BET Awards were seriously initiated with a hit as Kendrick Lamar posed a politically charged performance of his song Alright on top of a police car, in front of an American flag. Lamar raps, “we gon’ be alright”, which both encouraged and energized the audience for the rest of the event. The performance was strongly fueled by the intense message behind the performance. Sauntering on stage with police vehicle covered in graffiti paint in front of a falling-apart American flag. The track was unambiguously influenced by the revulsion Lamar has on the police force. The audiences were vibin’ to every lyric of the performance as back up dancers rambled throughout the audience seats with American flags. The performance continued to create stimulation as more performers marched around Lamar and the police vehicle. The dislike within police brutality against civilians fortified the audience as Lamar Raps, “And we hate Popo, wanna kill us dead in the street for sure, n*gga/I’m at the preacher’s door/My knees gettin’ weak and my gun might blow but we gon’ be alright”. While the performance indulged in a major controversial topic, it has provoked some amazing perspectives on the police treatment of racial differences. Lamar didn’t end the night with the performance; he was also awarded with “Best Male Hip-Hop Artist” during the event.




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