Pleasure P Talks About New Mixtape



Global Grind’s BlogXilla sat down with Marcus Cooper also known as Pleasure P to discuss his mixtape, relationships, the rumors and his career.

Pleasure P tells the truth in his new mixtape Break Ups to Make Up. The R&B singer wanted to put something out that didn’t sound like rap he explains, “R&B. It sound like rap. ‘What is R&B? ‘If you was with your girl, what would you play to make love?”

When asked about Bria Murphy, Pleasure P has nothing but respect for her. At the present time he doesn’t have time for a relationship due to his schedule. So how does he come up with material to write? Pleasure P says he uses his past relationship to give him the motivation he needs.

The vocalist got frustrated with the music he heard on the radio and decided to go into the studio to make something that sounds like R&B. Pleasure P says, “I hate the fact nothing represents R&B on the radio. ‘I hate that R&B guys don’t stick together anymore.” He feels the music has changed because everything is about “turning up” now.

Pleasure P knows with success comes tones of struggles, so he put his faith in God and kept moving forward through all the drama. Watch Pleasure P give a lesson of being a gentleman vs pimping.



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