Review: Ella M – Waste My Time

Ella M is an independent Pop, R&B singer from New York City, living in London. After studying classical music in NYC, Ella realized that pop music fulfilled her creative desires. She began recording music with Benny D at Powerstudios where she met Jaya-Lakshman. “Waste My Time” is Ella & Jaya-Lakshman’s first collaboration.

The track “Waste My Time” has been described as a 90’s RnB “girl power” anthem. Lyrically, it’s an extremely relatable song about not being able to reach your full potential in a relationship. The structure of the song is clean and calculated, which highlights Ella’s smooth vocals. Jaya-Lakshman comes in at the bridge giving the song a true old school RnB vibe.

Listen to “Waste My Time” below:

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