Top 10 SZA Songs


Top 10 SZA Songs


In light of the ethereal queen dropping her album CTRL on June 9th, here is a top 10 of song by the first lady of TDE:


1)    Love Galore Ft. Travis Scott (Single- CTRL)

This track that SZA describes to be a “relaxed tropical bop” in an interview with Genius, is her number one hit single that is on her new album CTRL featuring Travis Scott. The visuals inspired by the psychological thriller film, Misery. In the music video, butterflies are fluttering around her and she slaps Travis Scoot across the face, giving her a dominating presence. This song describes a love, hate relationship that has her on top at the end.


2)    Doves In The Wind Ft. Kendrick Lamar -AUDIO (CTRL)

Pussy. Pussy. Pussy. This track is notoriously recognized for its use of the word “pussy” and its reference to Forrest Gump. This track is not only a song to empower women, but it also highlights how irrational and crazy men can get over women and what they will do to get them. This is yet another wonderful collab that SZA has with Kendrick Lamar.


3)    Drew Barrymore (Single- CTRL)

Inspired by the actress Drew Barrymore from an 80s aesthetic, this teenage angsty song is the perfect vibe for the summer. The strings, subtle tambourine, and drum instantly has me imagining this song being played by a high school band in his or her parents garage. It’s the feeling of not having feelings or efforts reciprocated back. Although this song explores the feeling of being undervalued by someone that you care you about, this track is a good go to when you want to listen to SZA.


4)    Babylon Ft. Kendrick Lamar

This was the first collab SZA and Kendrick has had with together. From her album Z (apart of her acronym, Z standing for Zig-Zag). This cloudy alternative R&B track is what really establishes her ethereal essence throughout her music. It’s raspy and ghostly like sounds puts you in a trance, making one able to lose themselves in the twisted and manipulated sounds of the backtrack. There is also a music of this song without Kendrick that is just as great.


5)    Two AM (Single- cover of Come and See Me) -AUDIO

If you are fan of PARTYNEXTDOOR, then you will more than appreciate SZA rendition of Come and See Me. Two AM is more than a female version of the song where she puts her deep house, alternative R&B elements into the song to have a SZA quality to it. In the lyrics, you can her how personal she makes the track sound, which makes the cover sound more like her. The ending also is kind of a surprise with an more upbeat tempo and change or melody. It’s refreshing and interesting.



6)    BED-(AUDIO)

Off of her EP See SZA Run, this song is about her career journey. She had to choose between whether to follow her dreams or obey her parents. Clearly, she chose her dream and passion for music which has blessed many hearts. The subtle yet powerful base is what has me going back to this track. Its hard yet easy flowing, which makes this track easy to play at any time.


7)    Julia

Named after Julia Roberts, this is a upbeat 90s pop song that kind of fits the aesthetics of Pretty Woman, which is one of her favorite movies. This is a personal favorite of mine that I believe to be underrated. It is instantly one of these songs that has you bopping from side to side to the beat. It simply just makes you feel good. However, the lyrics are another story which involves disappointment and heartbreaks in her life. The dissonance of the sound and lyrics is masterfully paired together creating a timeless bop.


8)    Time Travel Undone

This majestic, vaporized R&B track is a chill song that you can vibe with. It’s a constant theme with SZA’s sound. Her music is not invading one’s feelings, yet it is simple there in the background. It’s quite comforting. In the music video, you see snippets of The Wizard of OZ and SzA in a fantasy land, surrounded by flowers, with a vibrant red filter.


9)    Country-(AUDIO)

This is another track that I feel is underrated. It’s another feel good vibing song. This ethereal and timeless track low key gets you into your feelings. The lyrics takes about being lost and finding a way to escape, which is a feeling that many can relate with. When times get rough, one always wants to get away for a little bit, which is what this song provides. This little escape is also a music video, consisting of compilations of flowers blooming, SZA running in the woods with trees fully blossomed, and other aesthetically pleasing visuals that fit the song perfectly.


10) The Odyssey

This track is from SZA’s EP mixtape title “S”, which has an iconic introduction with an audio interview of Eartha Kitt on compromise from the 1982 documentary, All by Myself: The Eartha Kitt Story. It not only highlights how relationships are deemed to be demeaning to woman, but it also shows that no one should settle or compromise in a relationship that pure and worth having. Relationships are equal. This eccentric singer, dancer, and actress shows a lot of similarities with SZA. Her views on relationship is probably like what Eartha Kitt said during her interview. The odyssey is her embarking on a journey, but before she leaves, she has a couple of things she wants to say.



By: Charlotte Seay

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