A Q&A With Futuristic Soul Artist Zachary Murdock

If you’re not sure what futuristic soul is, I suggest you read our interview with London native, Zachary Murdock.


-Who is Zachary Murdock? Likes? Dislikes? Favorite food, color, TV show, movie? Any quirky interests?

Z: I love Motown music, shooting on film, The West Wing, avocados and The Gods Must Be Crazy.

-When did you know music was something you wanted to pursue?

Z: After my first recording session when I was 12. I made a song with Mr. Tambourine Man (who Bob Dylan wrote a song about) and was in love writing, recording and performing ever since.

-Many artists don’t like to classify themselves in one genre of music. If you had to, what genre (such as soul, funk, R&B) would you place yourself in?

Z: Soul. Futuristic Soul. Poetic Pop.

-I read you have a degree in Creative Writing. That’s interesting. Do you write any other forms of creative writing? Such as screenwriting, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc?

Z: Yes! Songwriting is just the tip of the iceberg. I am a poet first and foremost and that comes out in the form of children’s books, fiction and free verse.

-Let’s talk about your EP “For The Mad Ones.” What’s the concept behind the title and your favorite track?

Z: “Mad ones” are those who speak their internal truth regardless of the opinions of the external world. Often the people who are called insane by the populace are the ones who change the world. This project is dedicated to them and the “mad one” in me, a reminder to myself to always be honest and let my heart speak. My favorite song on the album is, “I’ve Looked Everywhere.”

-You are founding member of Smokey Robotic. How is it juggling your solo career while being part of a group?

Z: Smokey inspires my creativity and and that freedom bleeds over into my solo work. The projects are quite different so I find it refreshing to go back and fourth between the two.

7.) How was it working with Grammy nominee !llmind on your project?

!llmind and I have been working together for about 8 years now. He’s my brother, a super inspiring, mad wizard with the most contagious optimism in the world. Working with him is always a blast.

-What music are you listening to now? If we went through your playlist on your phone, who are some artists we would find?

Z: Otis Redding, Tracy Chapman, Yelawolf, myself, Kendrick Lamar. Mostly Motown music to be honest.

-Musically speaking, what can we look forward to from Zachary?

Z: I am knee deep in my next album, “the YOU in me,” new videos in the can and Smokey Robotic is working on new material.

-What do you do on your free time?

Z: Take road trips with my lady, exercise, read and cook.

-Anything else you would like to say/add?

Z: Free yourself to be yourself and close your eyes to see yourself.

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