Mixed Reviews for Amber Rose’s SlutWalk in LA Saturday

Amber Rose hosted a Slutwalk in LA Saturday.  SlutWalk is a new worldwide movement created in 2011 in response to a police officer who, in reference to college campus sexual assaults, suggested that girls shouldn’t walk around dressed like sluts if they do not want to be victimized.  Amber Rose posted she put the event together because of , ” outrage towards issues of sexual violence, gender equality, derogatory labeling and victim blaming.”

There have been several SlutWalk marches and events in several cities around the globe where women come dressed in lingerie, skimpy clothes, some with words written on their bodies and some even topless, as a way to say women are in charge of their own bodies and what they wear or don’t wear and feeling and dressing in a sexual manner should not be seen as a cry out to be raped, mistreated or ridiculed.

Amber Rose’s mother sent a message to Kayne West by holding a sign referring to his February talk radio comments about before Kim Kardashian he needed to take 30 showers after sleeping with Amber Rose.

Amber Rose's mom


There is much debate about this approach being a positive or pro-active feminist movement. While many are for it and find it empowering and liberating, there are others who feel other methods, such as teaching boys and men to respect all women is a better approach. You decide–

Check out CNN’s full coverage of SlutWalk Debate

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