Problems in the Bedroom

Anyone that has ever been in a long-term relationship has probably has some kind of issue with  differences in sex drive. Most times in the beginning of a new and exciting relationship, the sex is frequent at the request of both partners but for many different reasons this desire may taper off over time. As our body grows and matures our sex drive changes often, sometimes as frequently as by the week or even by the day. We may want it a lot this week and not so much the next week. Hormonal changes, stress, and other life’s problems can play a part in a person’s increase or decrease in their sex drive.

If you and your mate seem to have different sex drives, there are many avenues that can be taken. For one, you have to negotiate and compromise. There have been times when I didn’t want to be bothered for two or three days, but I felt that I couldn’t keep denying my man sex, so I compromised. If I didn’t feel like have sex for  three days, I still gave in at least one of those days. In relationships we can’t be selfish. We can’t expect our mate not to be horny just because we aren’t. On the other hand, we can’t expect our mate to want it every day just because we do. We also have to figure out the role we play in the problem. If your sex drive has decreased because of stress, talk to your mate about what is bothering you and see if she or he can help reduce your stress.

It is also important to never use sex as a weapon! Don’t withhold sex as a means of punishing your mate. Here are just a few tips that may or may not help your sex life stay consistent and spicy.

Visit a sex store
Some people don’t feel comfortable in sex stores, watching porn, etc. but you may be surprised at the different things that can try to add some spice to your sex life. No one wants their sex life to become mundane, routine and boring.

Wearing Lingerie
Spice the night up with see through lingerie and extra high heels that will define, accentuate and highlight all the right features and curves  that will arouse any man and make any women feel sexy, which of course will lead to intercourse.

Set the mood
Have a romantic night with candles, flowers, compliments, flirting and talking dirty. Send him pictures before he gets off work or give her a foot rub. Take it back to the beginning of your relationship when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. Don’t just go to bed and do the do like it’s a job.

Change the scenery
Rent a pristine hotel room, have a quickie in the office, park in the corner lot. No matter the place just do something out of the norm. Do it during the day in the shower. Don’t just keep sex confined to the bedroom. Adding the thrill of getting caught having sex in a public place will elevated the chance of wanted to have sex more.

Hopefully some of these tips will help if you are experiencing a cold love life. Don’t let sex come between an other wise good relationship if the problem can be solved!

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