Ratchet or Real TV?

Did you ever watch a reality show that left you saying “what in the world were they thinking?” For me and maybe many others, I know you can pretty much flip the channel or watch online TV, and find some pretty crazy situations with people interacting crazier than necessary.

To name a few realities shows; “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” which brings glamour to Botox and Plastic surgeries. Usually the normal behavior is people with tons of money will use it for things with no value. Really, is this the real way we want our future Americans to behave???  However a reality TV aired with a twist with love that was staring R&B ex-housewives. Who had a nice change from the norm? “R&B Divas” had good and bad relationship start-overs.  Everybody should know when to leave a bad love for a real love or even just peace of mind. You know every reality show has to have a flare so you will just have to check them out online for any fresh updates.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7Real Housewives of Orange CountyR&B Divas brings a breathe of fresh air in the midst of a Ratchet Reality WorldR&B Divas

Relationships will get dramatic when emotions are shown negative. So we all carry on watching this crazy awkwardness and allow ourselves to watch negative relationships polluting our mind and hearts that there’s no real love.  Instead of looking towards the future with patience, we keep using terms like; how good it was in the past.  Moreover, there are awkward competitions in this next reality show. You have to compete with other women or men to win the heart of the bachelor or bachelorette. You’ve heard of it” The Bachelorette and The Bachelor”, When thinking of dating openly, 25 vs. one. Is not for me? Keep in mind the word loyalty, but it seems like the show was more interested in more the better.

The Bachelor helps a young rich single man find love by having him date 20 women at one time. Every week he gives the women he wants to continue to date a rose. The Bachelorette is the exact show as The Bachelor except this time a woman is seeking love from 20 men. Lucky girlThe BacheloretteThe Bachelor

There’re shows that touch the heart. We’ve learned from reality shows such as ‘the secret millionaire’ TV show.  Which left us with the most important gift is giving with no expectation for a return recognition or repayment of any kind. Well keep in mind the millionaire may have had other incentives, such as income tax refunds or face recognition. No matter what was on reality Television shows it always reflects humanity. Rather good or bad. Just people caught on camera facing circumstances the best way they could handle it with the knowledge learned from their own environment..

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