Stacy Barthe Starts Writing Her Own Lyrics

Native New York Songwriter, Stacy Barthe is stepping into a world of her own music lately. The talented and fashionable Stacy Barthe has been a Grammy award winning Songwriter for a multitude of popular RnB and Pop stars. Her extensive list of songs include artists such as; Cheryl Cole, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, T.I, Katy Perry, and many, many more. Her lyrics are an inspiration to countless artists, while her own vocals are passionately emphasized in her intense and beautiful voice.With much more than just a voice Stacy Barthe has more swag then most, she is found wearing dapper costumes to elegant dresses and indie scarves, giving her a rounded flair for her own EP’s. Speaking of which, Barthe completed her third EP in 2013 called P.S. I Love You, with her single Hell Yeah! featuring Rick Ross. Since then she continues to write for more artists like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and more. Barthe is a down-to-earth-queen, she introduces her own song lyrics to real life situations such as; third world problems, natural disasters, and war. Her newest single launched in March, 2014 after she premiered on two episodes of  BET’s Being Mary Jane. The track’s called War IV Love, with vigorous vocals and a tribal like beat, she really puts soul into her work . “I need some new @StacyBarth in my life like yesterday! Soon to come love, but in the meantime, check out WarIVLove”, states Barthe to one of her fans on her webpage. Behind the scenes we can expect a diverse amount of hit songs that originate from Barthe, Meanwhile, her style and empowering independent vocals will also be revealed more in 2015.

Stacy Barthe- War Iv Love

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