Loving an Inmate

Unfortunately too many of us know someone that is incarcerated, be it a family member, friend, or a significant other. There are various circumstances that could cause one to become incarcerated, and I am in a firm believer in the fact that being in prison doesn’t make you necessarily a bad person. There is a lot of controversy surrounding women that choose to remain with their incarcerated boyfriends/spouses. I have even heard that women that do this suffer from low self-esteem. Is it realistic to be a ride or die, that stands by your mate’s side? Is it realistic to basically put your life on hold and wait for the day that this man comes home?
Pondering all these questions is what made me write an urban fiction novel called Betrayed. The story is about a woman whose husband is incarcerated and she begins a romantic relationship with his best friend. I have had male and female readers that gave me feedback and I heard views from both sides. It may be considered disloyal to leave your mate when they are down and even to move on to someone else, but at the same time how many in that position would wait patiently, alone for their man to come home?

Image of Betrayed
I myself am guilty of loving a man regardless of if he’s “perfect” and overlooking certain things and then feeling obligated to hold him down when he gets locked up. I am thankfully past that point in my life and want no parts of a man that is doing anything that can land him in prison. The lesson comes too little too late for some and when children are brought into the mix, it complicates things further. Children need their parents in their lives and it is sad to have to visit your parent in prison. We as adults have to make better decisions and realize that when we start bringing children into the mix we have to make better life choices. I would love feedback on this issue, and if you can relate to the topic or just like urban fiction then go to www.braynorpublications.bigcartel.com and order the book!

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