Tameka Raymond Custody Dismissed, Usher Hugs Tameka After Ruling


The judge has dismissed Tameka’s request for primary custody of the two sons she shares with Usher Raymond.

He also ordered Usher to inform Tameka of his and their children’s whereabouts and also to tell her who is looking after their children. Usher obviously is happy. Usher thanked his legal team, then Tameka’s lawyer and then he hugged Tameka, they stayed in an embrace for a minute or two as they spoke, whispering which could not be heard on camera. Kudos to Usher, he appears to not be vengeful. For anyone who has been in this situation, you know it’s not easy. It takes two healthy, mentally sound and determined individuals to co-parent. Divorce isn’t easy and only becomes more complicated when custody and child support has to be arranged. Having to communicate with a person that you are no longer romantically involve with, in which the lack of communication or miscommunication is sure to have played a role in the demise of the relationship is very complicated. Let’s just pray for the sake of the boys they can successfully co-parent. What are your thoughts?

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