The do’s and don’ts of photography

Things you can and can’t do when taking photographs

Beautiful photos not only require a great team, but you need to know the best techniques, and also there are things that you can’t do if you want to get a beautiful photo. So, follow our tips on what you should and shouldn’t do when taking your pictures. Photography is the most popular hobby among people of all ages but challenging to master. To be able to take good photographs, it is not only about having a good team, or intuition. So, let’s see what we should and shouldn’t do take good shots.

Things you can do when taking photographs

Be patient

One of the trends that digital photography has generated is that you want to take photos continuously, but that way you will only achieve a large volume of low-quality photos. It is important to wait for the perfect moment and take your time to analyse the mistakes you make. So, start to be patient at the time to take photos, and you’ll notice the change.

Choose the right lens

You must keep in mind that not all objectives are suitable for all scenarios, so it is crucial to know how to pick them. In scenes with little light, fixed optics are better, in open-space photography is better to use a wide angle, and to capture distant objects, the telephoto is the best.

Power your creativity

This is a crucial one, the “eye of the photographer” is fundamental. To try different angles and perspectives, it is ideal when you have a camera with a flip-down screen. Do not be afraid to photograph in bright light spaces because you can get great results, and finally preview the place to get different or creative perspectives.

Things you can’t do when taking photographs

Use always the same angle

This is a common error in amateurs, always using the same angle. But to get better results, you must use different angles for the same object? This technique could change the photo and make it come out better. Also, you can appreciate everything about the object. If not, your photos can be very boring and conventional.

Forgetting to clean the memory card

Whenever taking pictures it is recommended that your memory card is always empty before you start. Many times I’m sure that you’ve had to erase stunning photos without having a copy because you forgot to back them up on your computer.

Not cleaning the lens

It is imperative when taking pictures. Many photographers do not take it into account, and that’s why their photographs aren’t good enough. It is necessary to clean the lens periodically and carefully since if it is dirty, the smudges will reflect in your photos and then it ‘s hard to retouch them and take away the imperfections.

Follow these list of do’s and don’ts and your pictures will certainly look fantastic!

Credit: Kiki Ruiz

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