What Happened to Love Music?

There use to be a time when Rhythm and Blues singers would sing love into a person’s heart. Songs like The Commordores- Just To Be Close To You or The Delfonics- La La Means I Love You, were just a few songs that could pierce pure love and ecstasy into the soul. Majority of the time today’s R&B music encourages lust over love. Take a look at how standards and support can affect what we hear.

Did the people lower their standards by glorifying lust over love or did we allow corporate media to tranquillize us with lustful images? The new generation promotes popping Molly’s and twerking to create intense passion in their love songs. Some use their bodies to sell, either by choice or force. Leaving some artists trapped to make for the moment music, instead of creating legendary love songs for years to come.

The music industry should feel the pressure to distribute and market R&B a little more. It’s time for every age group to have inspirational artist to learn from. In the late 80s and early 90s, kids had groups like The Boys, Another Bad Creation, Immature and others to enjoy. If you were a teen you might have enjoyed the sounds of Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney, Stephanie Mills, Jodeci, Mary J.Blidge and the list goes on.

In today’s music industry not many artists get a chance to rise above the bar. Pop, Country & Rock music keep producing numerous artists at a rapid rate. While many uncredited R&B artists wait behind the curtain anticipating for their moment.There use to be a pool of artist to choose from, so what happened? The artists we have now are great, but there is definitely a demand for more.

The people must demand and support new artist. Invoke the muse within. We can’t continue to get great music if we don’t inspire one another.

By: Yolanda English

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