WHAT WENT WRONG?- Chad & Evelyn

A fan  of Basketball Wives, I remember when the courtship between Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada started. Flirting started on twitter and then he sent her a pair of expensive shoes. The cameras were even there to film their first date. There was a lot of talk about the relationship being staged. I am a sucker for love and also a reality television junky that doesn’t want to believe the shows are scripted. I wanted the relationship to be real, and hoped that they weren’t together just for the ratings.

I remember Evelyn and her best friend Jennifer arguing because Jennifer called Chad an attention whore. I also remember the conversation where Evelyn told Chad if he was going to cheat to be honest about it and to use condoms. It seemed that the world was against this couple, but they were determined to make it.

They married and VH1 was set to appear their reality show. Then there was trouble in paradise. There were reports of a domestic violence dispute where Evelyn received a headbutt that left her with a bloody gash on her forehead, and Chad was arrested. It seems that ironically the fight started with Evelyn finding condoms in Chad’s car, but wait didn’t she tell him to use them? Evelyn filed for divorce three days later. Chad not being a quitter, got a picture of Evelyn’s face tattooed on his leg.

This love story quickly spiraled out of control, and it could be a number of reasons as to why it went wrong. Evelyn is no stranger to dating athletes and I am sure that she is a big girl that is aware of the infidelity that often goes on with the players. Her mistake was acting as if she would be cool with cheating as long as he was honest and used protection. The second mistake may have been letting the public  into their entire relationship from the beginning. We may never know if the story was scripted, but it backfired if it was. Chad has been having a string of bad luck ever since the drama took place. He no longer plays for the NFL and recently requested to have his child support payments decreased. Evelyn however has a new season of Basketball Wives starting and life seems all good fort her. Maybe this is the end of her dating athletes, then again who knows?

Take a look as what is now  the rise and fall of Chad & Evelyn

The two started dating in Aug 2012They spent a lot of time relaxingThe two and documented their common hobbiesAfter just 4 month of dating the Chad & Evelyn were engaged and officially became man and wifeWas this the face she made before...The HeadButt Heard Around The World.  This photo of Evelyn's forehead cut up from Ochocinco allegedly headbutting her after she confronted him bout a used condom.After the headbutt, Evelyn jumped on the PR wagon and somehow became the spokesperson for Abused Women.Chad being Chad took to the tattoo parlor and had Evelyn's face tattooed on his leg to ask for forgiveness and show her his is still trying to make it work.By September the fame seekers were officially divorced.

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