Alicia Keys New “Do”

Alicia Keys  has set twitter on fire- well more a blaze.

Friday (August 30) the “Girl on Fire” performer shocked “Good Morning America’s” audience when she stepped center stage and revealed her interpretation of the pixie cut.

If you remember a few weeks ago Beyonce revealed her short lived pixie cut that also caused a media storm. Shortly after more critiscm then praise, the diva opted for extensions and replaced her pixie with a Nicki Minaj-ist bob.

While it is obvious the singer loves her new look, some folks have taken to Twitter to  poke  fun at the bowl shaped cut — comparing the Grammy Award-winner to Mr. Spock from “Star Trek” and Mo from “The Three Stooges (slideshow below).

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After the onslaught of harsh comments  the  32- year old mother released a new tweet showing off the “Versatility” of the new style, revealing shaved sides- a feature you couldn’t see when in the “bowl” style.

Versatility!! 😉 i’m having so much fun! Love and light to u!

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I must say I do like the “versatility” style better than “Dr. Spock”.  Lets hope after reading the following tweets, the “Empire State of Mind” singer will agree.

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