Dear Women,

Dear Women,

Often times, we women tend to think that our lives should revolve around a “Good Man”. We see all of our favorite celebrities relationships and think “I want that Jay-Z and Beyonce kind of love” or “I want what Barack and Michelle have”. What these couples have is beautiful, but why wouldn’t you want your own kind of love?

A lot of young women especially, fall in love with THE WRONG person, and or put themselves in situations where they are wondering when things will change.It all starts with HAVING STANDARDS!

Women like to refer to themselves as “A BAD B*TCH”, so ALL the “BAD B*TCHES” that want to be in 1st Place, pay attention!!!!

1.) If you have standards, the man you choose will have respect for you! Meaning: If you sleep with a man on the first date, the respect is GONE! He should have to work for that part of you, don’t give it out for free!

2.) How do you expect to find a “BOSS”, if you don’t have your life in order? Meaning: Guys don’t want a woman that doesn’t have goals, and drive. Believe it or not, men look for women that challenge them, not ones that can’t hold a conversation. Have realistic goals and go after them. Nobody wants a pretty girl, with nothing to offer.

3.) Know your worth! Meaning: Don’t settle for a man that doesn’t want to see you win! If he is hindering your flight, drop him he’s dead weight!

4.) Be Yourself! Meaning don’t stay with anyone that wants to change you. If he doesn’t like how you move, then y’all shouldn’t be moving together!

5.) Don’t try to change a man. Meaning: If you see that he CLEARLY isn’t on the path that you envisioned you both to be on, move on. If he wanted to keep you by his side, he would do all the necessary things to do so.

6.) Being a baby mama should never be THE GOAL! Meaning: If your cool with just being a girlfriend and being referred to as ‘baby mama’ more power to you! You should hold yourself to a higher standard. Doesn’t wife sound so much better?

Hopefully, all the beautiful women will take this advice. Don’t let a man take your control away from you. You will find the man that is just right for you!images

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