Is it ok for Women to Pop the Question?

There seems to be a trend with the ladies from Vh1’s Love and Hip Hop. First Chrissy Lampkin, asked boyfriend Jim Jones to marry her, and then Joseline Hernandez asked Stevie J to marry her. Is it ok for women to pop the question to men? Let’s face it, if we wait around for a man to be married, we might be in the nursing home planning a wedding, but should we just accept tradition and wait? We often know what we want as women, while men don’t. Not every man dreams of a family or the settled down life. Some men can be in a relationship for many years, and still get scared at the thought of marriage. What is it about marriage that scares men? I mean if we live together and have been together for five or ten years, what is so scary about giving a woman your last name?

Many things aren’t as traditional as they used to be. Is this a good thing? A lot more people these days have babies out of wedlock, shack up, etc. We do things much different than our grandparents did. My views on marriage are that if a man is ready he will ask the woman, but I don’t see anything wrong with taking matters into your own hands, I mean he can only say yes or no right?

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