J. Holiday Returns to His First Love With NYC Performance and Kings of Love Summer Tour

Some would argue that what the world needs now more than ever is love, love, love, and R&B crooner J. Holiday has returned to the musical stage to spread love through song. RnB Magazine caught up with the D.C. native at New York’s B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, where Holiday displayed his playful side and sense of humor while putting on a love-ballad filled show for his loyal fans.

With breakout hits “Suffocate” and “Bed” (written by The Dream) to his credit, Holiday has secured his spot among R&B’s echelon, however it appears as if folks have been inquiring as to what the singer has been up to in the last few years, a question that Holiday addressed halfway through his B.B. King performance by sharing that for the past few years he’s been busy taking care of his mother, who the singer credits with exposing him to music at a young age and facilitating his intense love of music, as well as caring for his kids. Having lost his own father at the tender age of 11, it’s safe to assume that Holiday wants to be present for his own children as much as possible because he knows firsthand what it’s like to lose one’s father at such a young age. Whereas family is top of the priority list for Holiday, so is doing what he loves so much, singing. To that end, Holiday has teamed up with fellow singers Pleasure P and Bobby V for a “Kings of Love Tour.” Holiday took to social media recently to taunt his tour mates, professing that “there can only be one king.”

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Photo Credit: kingjholiday/Instagram

RnB Magazine reached out to Bobby V for a comment, and the Atlanta native was happy to oblige with the following statement:

This tour is not a rivalry even though every night we are trying to outdo each other! LOL that’s gonna make the best show possible! To me this tour is for R&B music & 4 peeps who wanna hear good music! If we try to outdo each other it will make 4 an awesome show! R&B guys always have too much ego which is the reason R&B is where it is! We put our egos to the side to form a brotherhood & open the doors 4 the future of R&B togetherness & the future kings of love!

We’re happy to know that there truly is love among the self-professed “Kings of Love” and that they are promoting love and togetherness in the R&B community. Check out J. Holiday, Bobby V and Pleasure P this summer at a show in your city, and let us know who you think did that R&B “thang” the best! We can’t leave you hanging though, so check out our exclusive video footage of J. Holiday singing his “classics” along with some other songs you’re sure to know and love, including his tribute to the late great Prince:


Photo/Video Credit: Raymond Hagans/daraseans


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