Keri Hilson Makes Her Second Big Screen Appearance in Sci-fi film Riddick

Music lovers are in a for a treat when they take a trip to the movies tonight. Keri Hilson will grace the silver screen this weekend when we watch her act in Riddrick

The Universal Studios film focuses on Riddick’s survival on a sun-scorched planet that he knows nothing about. Battling different alien predators, Riddick makes his way to another region where he finds an abandoned outpost. He activates an emergency beacon and bounty hunters, Santana (Jordi Mollà) and Boss Johns (Matt Nable), quickly arrive with their teams.

The mix of different personalities on the bounty teams, as well as Riddick’s snarky commentary, the action-packed drama will have you laughing at points.

In an interview with theGrio, Hilson said she met with star and producer Diesel before filming began.

“I loved working with Vin Diesel,” the actress and singer said. “He is just a wealth of knowledge – such a genius behind the scenes and in front of the camera.”

Hilson plays the role of a prisoner on Santana’s ship.

“I had to channel ways that I’ve felt imprisoned,” the 30-year-old said of preparing for the emotional state of her character. “I had to go to really dark places and there were tears.”

While her role isn’t extensive, Hilson’s portrayal of a scared, emotional young woman is believable.

“I definitely had fun with Nolan Funk, who my scene was with, and Jordi Mollà,” Hilson said. “We had a great time. I had a really good experience.”


Coming off this weekend’s release, Hilson said she also has an upcoming album in the works.

“I am very much focused on finishing my album,” she said from Virginia Beach where she is currently working with producer Timbaland. “I want to do it in a big way. I’m challenging Timbaland. I’m challenging everyone that comes to work with me because I’m giving my best.”

As far as her interest in future acting opportunities go, Hilson said “absolutely.”

“I’ve really enjoyed getting back to being a student of something different. I definitely welcome any experience that allows me to grow and learn.”

Riddick hits theaters today

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