Kristal Lyndriette Smith Still Reppin’ Her Single, Silhouette

Its has been over 3 years since the amazing RnB girl power band, Rich Girl broke up, but this is just the beginning of a debut solo from Kristal Lyndriette. With an angel like voice, Lyndriette was on her way to becoming the only amazing artist on famous Tyrese Gibson’s record label called Voltron Recordz. According to an interview with Centric television, Tyrese Gibson states,” She’s been through hell, and for someone who has been through what she has been thru, and still smile and have that spirit, is a story to be told”. Back in 2011 Rich Girl announced their breakup, leaving the girls to work on their own id they planned to pursue a singing career. Since then, Lyndriette has real eased a hit single called, Silhouette in the fall on 2013. Today fans are still anticipating the record release for Silhouette, leaving the Soundcloud for the track at over 25 thousand views.

Kristal Lyndriette- Silhouette

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