Natalie Cadét – “Dear Depression…”

Smooth jazz/R&B recording artist, songwriter, producer and college music instructor Natalie Cadét is known for her hypnotic vocal arrangements and lilting, jazzy harmonies, but she has also experienced the darkness of depression. Her music video “Dear Depression” is not only a metaphor for the cascading effects surrounding this mental illness, but is her contribution to breaking the fear and silence that surrounds it.

“This song is basically a ‘Dear John’ letter to Depression, something I’ve struggled with for years,” says Natalie. “Like a bad boyfriend, it has enslaved me, crippled me, and brought me to a place where I was completely dysfunctional and even suicidal. I had no choice but to face the problem and deal with it. Writing this song last summer helped me to do just that, and it has given me the strength to move on. I hope it can help someone else who is battling this disease.”

A featured track from her album, My Journey, as a song, “Dear Depression” grew out of Natalie’s personal bouts. “Most of the care I received before I wrote the song was in Boston. Walden Behavioral Care in Waltham MA, is where I was admitted when I hit rock bottom. The school Health Care system provided therapy before and after the incident. Here in LA, I often took advantage of the therapist hotline associated with my insurance whenever I needed immediate help. I continue to go to therapy every week as well. Other things that helped me tremendously was working out, yoga, and not least of all, music- it saved my life.”

All of which has fueled her mission; “I’m currently doing research on any local organizations that help artists and creatives with depression. I heard very crazy stories of colleagues in school and beyond who couldn’t seem to shake the problem. Musician’s Institute (were I teach) promotes mental wellness in a few ways, such as a wellness fair, etc., and I look forward to working with those organizations and others.”

Currently working on her sophomore album and writing orchestral, blues, and vocal arrangements for other recording artists and projects, Natalie recently accepted a teaching position at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA, specializing in vocals.

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