Romance Paradox?

After reading an article called ‘The Romance Paradox’ on the Women’s Health Magazine website, I have questions! But, before I get to that let me give you the scope of the article if you don’t feel like reading it. -_-

The article talks about women playing the many roles that they play in life, and at times falling short in the relationship department because of their dominate nature is in their professional life. The balance of wearing every hat that a woman is, and still being a romantic in a relationship is the struggle according to the article. It pulls from biology, and psychology to prove their point. Granted the article rings true BUT, I cant help but think about the deeper rooted issue.


Number one: What about the independent woman that has the ability to wear ALL of her hats, why is she considered to be TOO INDEPENDENT by men? Maybe, I should redirect the attention to the men. The problem that I see with that is, the male TESTOSTERONE, EGO, KING mentality that A LOT of men have. This is 2013! A woman is NOT going to be a HOUSEWIFE! If you want that then that needs to be a conversation from jump street.

Number two: Where did the REQUIREMENTS, STANDARDS, and BOUNDARIES that women want in men go? “Millions of years ago, women wanted to mate with strong, resourceful, stable partners who could help provide for and protect their children,” says Helen Fisher, Ph.D. CLEARLY this aspect has disappeared from many women’s mental! I’d LOVE to know where it went! Please tell whomever has it, to give it back!

Number three: Why is a woman considered “picky” or “critical” if she has said requirements, standards, and boundaries? If someone is lactose intolerant, they can’t have milk products. I like to think of these standards as being allergic to nonsense! I just can’t deal with it, and I should not have to!

Ultimately, I don’t think there is a Paradox, I think there is a tolerance issue. Men and women both refuse to set boundaries for what they will tolerate.

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